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Book Review

On Reading Wenguang Huang’s The Little Red Guard The Little Red Guard: A Family Memoir Wenguang Huang Penguin/Riverhead April 26, 2012 Hardcover: 262 pages
Such Is This World @sars.come Hu Fayun Translated by A. E. Clark Ragged Banner Press Publication Date: June 2011 Hardcover: 536 pages; paperback: 528 pages
Ethnic Minorities in Modern China Four Volumes Edited by Colin Mackerras Routledge March 11, 2011 Hardcover: 1,760 pages
Underground Front: The Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong Christine Loh Hong Kong University Press July 2010 (HC), February 2011 (PB) Hardcover & paperback: 372 pages When Christine Loh was a little girl growing up in Hong Kong, she had a fascination with the Communist Party of China (CPC),...
My Life in Prison: Memoirs of a Chinese Political Dissident Jiang Qisheng Translated by Professor James Erwin Dew and edited by Naomi May With a foreword by Professor Andrew Nathan and an introduction by Professor Perry Link Rowman & Littlefield Publishers February 16, 2012 Hardcover: 200 pages
The East is East, silly EAST MEETS WEST Democracy and Human Rights in Asia Daniel A. Bell, Princeton University Press 2000, 369 pp
From cautious observer to aspiring referee CHINA, THE UNITED NATIONS & HUMAN RIGHTS THE LIMITS OF COMPLIANCE Ann Kent, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 1999, 328 pp.


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