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CRF 2010, no. 3 - Engaging Engagement: Conversations and Reflections

CRF 2010.03 cover: oldest known chinese map of the world, 300hx398w

Engaging China

The Truth According to China

Exchanging (Mis)perceptions

  • Stories from 30 Years of Legal Exchange
    William P. Alford, Donald C. Clarke, Jerome  A. Cohen, R. Randle Edwards, James V. Feinerman, Nicholas C. Howson, and Stanley B. Lubman—pioneers and leaders in  academic legal exchange with China in the post-“normalization” era—share stories from their early encounters in China.
  • China’s Deficit in American Studies
    Contrary to popular belief, Chinese students know far less about the United States than American students know about China. Terry Lautz discusses the implications for future U.S.-China relations and proposes ways to redress the imbalance.
  • Doing Business in China: HRIC Interview with M.J.
    Businessman M.J. shares his experiences navigating the Chinese business landscape.
Error | Human Rights in China 中国人权 | HRIC


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