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Application for a Permit to Hold a Demonstration to Assert Rights and Call for Political Reform

November 30, 2010
[Translation by HRIC]

To the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau:

Chinese citizens Wu Yilong, Chen Shuqing, Zhu Yufu, Mao Qingxiang, Zhu Zhengming, and Wang Rongqing submit this application to this honorable bureau [for a permit] for a demonstration to assert rights and call for political reform.

1. Reasons for the Application

Because of their activities in planning and organizing the China Democratic Party in 1998 and after, these six citizens were separately sentenced to imprisonment on charges of “subversion of state power” or “inciting subversion of state power” by the Hangzhou Municipal Court. In calculating the the sentences, the Court failed to take into account the time these six citizens had already spent in detention as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations.

The six citizens separately submitted appeals and petitions during and after their trials, but they have exhausted all means to assert their rights. Therefore, they submit this request for permission to demonstrate to seek redress.  

The six citizens believe that China’s flawed political system is the fundamental reason why their rights were violated, and why they have not found redress for these violations through lawful means. Therefore, [they believe that] it is only through political reform as soon as possible that citizen’s rights will be protected effectively and permanently.

Given the positive conditions that have been created by the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Mr. Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese government should follow the global trends and comply with the people’s demand for freedom and democracy. We urge the Chinese government to take this an opportunity to release Mr. Liu Xiaobo, Mr. Liu Xianbin, a member of the China Democratic Party, and all jailed political prisoners, and to lift the restrictions on newspapers and the ban on political parties, “return politics to the people,” and put the slogan “power is conferred by the people” into practice. 

On the matter of imprisonment of the six citizens beyond their terms, we ask for an investigation into the responsibility of relevant parties, for compensation for the consequent physical and mental injuries, and for a public apology to the six citizens in specified news media outlets. In addition, Mr. Wu Yilong requests that his student status at the Zhejiang University and his household registration (hukou) in the city of Hangzhou – which were canceled because of his work in planning and organizing the China Democratic Party – be restored.

2. Arrangements for the Demonstration

  1. Time of Demonstration
    9:00 am – 12:00 pm, December 10, 2010
  2. Gathering Locations for Demonstration
    Starting point: Main entrance of Yuquan campus, Zhejiang University (directly opposite of Zheda Road)

    Middle gathering point: Main entrance of Xixi campus, Zhejiang University (directly opposite of Hangda Road)

    Ending Point: Zhejiang Provincial Government Square

  3. Route for the Protest
    (Yuquan Campus) Zheda Road----Shuguang Road----Hangda Road (Xixi Campus)----Tianmu Road----Baoshu Road----Provincial Government Road (Provincial Government)
  4. Transportation: Bicycles, electric scooters
  5. Other equipment: Microphones, Banners, Small Flags
  6. Estimated number of demonstrators: Around 200
  7. Slogans:
    “There can be no modernization without democracy!” (by Hu Jintao)

    “Exercise power for the people; tie [your] feelings to the people; reap benefits for the people!” (by Hu Jintao)

    “Oppose Rule of the Party!” (by Deng Xiaoping)

    “Without the protection afforded by political reform, the gains made from economic reforms will be lost!” (by Wen Jiabao)

    “Stagnation and regression in political reforms will not only bury the fruits of reforms but also be against the will of the people, and will ultimately be a dead end!” (by Wen Jiabao)

    “State power belongs truly to the people!” (by Wen Jiabao)

    “Make the judiciary independent and fair!” (by Wen Jiabao)

    “Government must accept supervision of the people and the media!” (by Wen Jiabao)

    “Power is conferred by the people!” (by Xi Jinping)

    “Return politics to the people!” (by Zhang Chunxian)

    “Fight for sovereignty externally and human rights internally!”

    “Strongly demand the immediate release of Mr. Liu Xiaobo!”

    “Strongly demand the immediate release of Mr. Liu Xianbin and all jailed political prisoners!”

    “Warmly congratulate Mr. Liu Xiaobo being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!”

    “Lift the restrictions on political parties and newspapers, implement citizens’ constitutional rights!”

    “Oppose illegal detention!”

    “Oppose imprisonment for speech, and firmly protect citizens’ freedom of expression!”

  8. Phone Contact:
    Wu Yilong: 15168385850
    Chen Shuqing: 13958012964 (Legal Adviser)
    Zhu Yufu: 13967148083 (Picketer) 
    Mao Qingxiang: 15157103755 (Picketer)
    Zhu Zhengming: 65073729 (Picketer)
    Wang Rongqing: 85997558

Please send policemen to maintain order and direct traffic.

Applicants: Wu Yilong, Chen Shuqing, Zhu Yufu, Mao Qingxiang, Zhu Zhengming, Wang Rongqing

Wu Yilong, Wang Rongqing, Mao Qingxiang, Zhu Yufu, members of the Zhejiang Preparatory Committee of the China Democratic Party, who were previously sentenced and illegally detained by the authorities, submitted an application to the Public Security Bureau of Hangzhou, November 30, 2010, [for a permit] for a demonstration to assert rights and call for political reforms.

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