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Case Update: Authorities Denied Bail and Medicines for Detained Activist Huang Qi

July 28, 2008

Human Rights in China has learned that authorities denied permission to detained rights activist Huang Qi’s (黄琦) wife, Zeng Li (曾丽), and mother, Pu Wenqing (浦文清), to bring Huang medicine or submit an application for his release on bail. They were denied access by an officer at the Chengdu Wuhou branch office of the national security brigade (成都武侯分局国保大队) when they attempted to visit Huang on July 25.

At the branch office, Zeng Li and Pu Wenqing tried to submit a bail application for Huang Qi, and brought supporting documentation verifying Huang’s illness and need for medication. The officer on duty, however, refused to accept the medicine or the application for bail. He also refused to let Huang’s wife and mother see Huang.

Zeng and Pu also visted the Procuratorate’s office later that day and spoke to the two public prosecutors handling Huang’s case. The public prosecutors told Zeng and Pu that although they acknowledge the positive actions of Huang Qi in the quake zone, he was not allowed to report on the “tofu construction” of the schools because the State had not yet made its public assessment. Furthermore, they viewed Huang’s report on the “tofu construction” of the schools in the quake zone as opposing the Communist Party of China.




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