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June 4th Families Charge Double Standard Re Nanking Massacre

May 27, 2005

Human Rights in China (HRIC) has received a copy of an open letter written by Ding Zilin and more than 100 other family members of those killed and injured in June 1989, calling for the Chinese government to recognize the same need for accountability and redress regarding June 4th as it is demanding from the Japanese government regarding the Nanking Massacre.

The family members have sent their open letter to Chinese president Hu Jintao in preparation for the impending 16th anniversary of June 4th. Noting that the Chinese government employed the same kind of brutality against unarmed protestors that the Japanese army used against helpless civilians during the Sino-Japanese War, the families accuse the government of a double standard in its repeated criticism of the Japanese government regarding its lack of formal apology for war-time atrocities. The family members call on the Chinese government to act in accordance with its policies of “people first” and “harmonious society” by resolving the controversy over June 4th with appropriate action against those responsible, and restitution to the victims and their family members. The full text of the open letter is appended to the Chinese press release.

“We fully support the open letter by the family members of June 4th victims,” said HRIC president Liu Qing. “China cannot hope for a harmonious society until it achieves resolution on nagging issues such as June 4th, which will remain a thorn in public consciousness until justice is served.”

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