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The Chicago Maroon: Fanning the Flames

May 8, 2008

Excerpted from The Chicago Maroon (University of Chicago):

While they aren’t publicized as well, there are organizations that take a more constructive approach toward improving the human rights situation in China. One such agency is simply called Human Rights in China (HRIC). Founded in March 1989 by Chinese students and scholars from around the globe, the organization concludes its mission statement by stating that human rights gains in China will be the result of "a long-term process of engaging multiple international actors, including the media, governments, corporations, various United Nations bodies, and other multilateral organizations." One of HRIC’s campaigns, entitled "Take Action 2008," is directed at alleviating the often deadly consequences of rampant pollution in the country, but the campaign organizers also make it clear that their goal is to cooperate with as many governments and organizations as possible, including the Chinese Communist Party, to ensure that China sticks to its promises to curb harmful emissions and protect the health of its people.

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