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Statement on the criminal detention of Hu Shigen, Gao Yu, Xu Youyu, Hao Jian, Pu Zhiqiang, Wu Bin (Xiucai Jianghu), Liu Di and other citizens

May 8, 2014

In the weeks leading up to the 25th anniversary of the 1989 June Fourth Democracy Movement, many Chinese activists have been detained.

A group of 25 Chinese lawyers have issued this statement calling on authorities to abide by Chinese law in the treatment of the recently detained citizens.

For more information, see HRIC’s chart of Restrictions, Detentions, and Disappearances before June 4, 2014.

[Translation by Volunteers]

1. The authorities must handle cases strictly in accordance with the Constitution and laws, fully renounce the old and corrupt notion of class struggle, the struggle against ‘enemies,’ and [the notion that] ‘stability trumps all;’ they must put an end to the politicisation and inflation of cases and resolve problems without straying from the path of rule of law and reason.

2. If the citizens in question have in fact not violated the law and committed no crime, they must be released immediately and without charges, the impact [of their detention] must be eliminated and their good reputation restored.

3. The lawful rights and interests of the criminally detained citizens must be protected strictly and it must be ensured that their human dignity is respected, that they get adequate food and rest, that any citizens amongst the detained get treatment if they are ill and that they are not subjected to any inhumane treatment.

4. The National People’s Congress Standing Committee should immediately open an investigation into the problem of wanton abuses committed by the Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate under the pretence of providing a judicial interpretation of the crimes of creating a social disturbance and of defamation; it should correct their serious mistakes and supervise the correct administration of the law by the public security, procuracy, and judiciary.

5. Given that in many places, the use of blanket criminal offences such as disturbing the public order, creating a public disturbance etc. to suppress citizens who lawfully exercise their constitutional rights has become a widespread phenomenon, we demand that the National People’s Congress and local People’s Congresses take the initiative to exercise their powers of investigation, questioning and removal of officials, and that they resolutely redress any damage to the rule of law or violation of citizen’s rights.

6. We are willing to provide legal assistance (including but not limited to legal consultation, complaints, defence, etc.) to the abovementioned citizens who have been detained may be arrested at a later stage, to promote the establishment of the rule of law and the protection of human rights.


Chinese lawyers:

Wang Cheng (Wang Chuxiang)

Jiang Tianyong, Beijing

Tang Jitian, Beijing

Jiang Yuanmin, Guangdong  

Chen Shuqing, Zhejiang

Sui Muqing, Guangdong  

Liu Shihui, Guangdong

Chen Jinshi, Hunan

Liu Weiguo, Shandong

Zhang Junjie, Henan

Zhang Lei, Beijing

Zhang Weiyu, Shandong

Zheng Enchong, Shanghai

Xiao Guozhen, Beijing

Zhuang Daohe, Zhejiang  

Ma Lianshun, Henan

Wu Zhenqi, Guangdong

Zhang Zhongshi, Hunan

Tan Chenshou, Guangxi

Xie Yang, Hunan

Tan Yongpei, Guangxi

Li Dawei, Gansu

Yang Mingkua, Yunnan

Cheng Weishan, Jiangsu

Jiang Yongji, Gansu


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