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Record of October 23, 2018 Meeting with Huang Qi

October 23, 2018

Record of Meeting
[By Lawyer Liu Zhengqing of his meeting with Huang Qi]

[English translation by HRIC]

Time: Afternoon, October 23, 2018
Location: Meeting Room #18 at the Mianyang Municipal Detention Center
Interviewer: Lawyer Liu Zhengqing
Interviewee: Huang Qi

Question (Liu Zhengqing): Please tell me about your recent situation.

Answer (Huang Qi): At 9:03a.m. on October 19, 2018, I took the electronic blood pressure meter from three cellmates who were measuring their blood pressure to measure my own blood pressure. The reading was: 211/131. At the same time, the readings of blood pressure of the other three people were: Hu Yong, 138/82, Ma Shubu 140/76, Chen Guangpo 150/110. At 10:14a.m., Dr. Sun Li used the manual blood measure machine of to measure all four of us, the results were: Huang Qi: 145/96, Hu Yong: 125/90, Chen Guangpo: 138/80, and Ma Shubu: 130/82. Witnesses at the scene were: Zhao Yangping, Hu Yong, Zeng Qian, Ma Shubu, and Chen Guangpo.

My blood pressure readings on October 21, 2018 were: (by electronic measuring instrument) left arm: 217/135, right arm: 213/147.

After your last visit (September 8, 2018), my blood pressure was measured manually each time, with the systolic ranging between 140 and 170 and the diastolic between 70 and 90. Dozens of times I asked them to use an electronic meter so it would be convenient for both the doctor and me to see the reading, but the police and the doctor both refused.

Over the past few days (after October 21), I’ve been asking them to use an electronic meter, and the police and doctor have kept refusing to do that.

They know that my blood pressure is higher than 210/120, but I believe they deliberately falsify the readings because the reading from a manual instrument is reported by the doctor, whereas that from an electronic instrument is displayed so that both the patient and the doctor can see. The witnesses I mentioned above all saw the numbers displayed by the electronic meter. The differences in the readings from the two blood pressure checks—one electronic, one manual—on October 19, are huge: the discrepancy in the systolic was more than 70, and that in the diastolic was more than 30. And the time between the two checks was only one hour.

The next time they took my blood pressure with both the electronic and the manual meters. The electronic readings were 217/135 (taken on my left arm), and 213/147 (taken of my right arm). But the doctor did not tell me the results of the manual check.

Yesterday and this morning, it was Zhao Deshuang, the deputy captain of First Brigade who brought a doctor to come to take my blood pressure, which was done manually: systolic: around 160, diastolic, higher than 110. In front of all the detainees, I accused them of cheating and fascist sabotage. I also said to them: "You just wait! When I’m dead, you too will be silenced."

With these blood pressure readings, I can just drop dead, or suffer a stroke.

In mid-August, the detention center arranged for a doctor from outside to see me, and, after that, arranged a room for me at the detention center hospital as well as designated several of detainees to look after me. But the arrangement was rejected by the public security case handling unit. So far, the results of three blood tests taken in August have not been shown to me by the police. The doctor of the detention center, Wang Dacheng, told me that the results of these check-ups are in the hands of the director of the Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau.

I am very grateful to the two lawyers and friends for their help. I am also very grateful to the U.S. government, friends in the international community, and friends in the media for their help. That my condition has deteriorated to the point it is today is the result of fascist persecution. I’d like to tell everyone that I, Huang Qi, swears to fight to my death. And I ask friends to pursue the crime of Chinese fascism after my death.

Thank you all!

On June 28 last year [2017], Zhao Deshuang took more than ten detainees from the detention center and formed “Unit 01” of the First Brigade—specially designated to deal with me in the detention center. He also trained them, saying: "Huang Qi is stubborn and you should use whatever means to crush him." This morning, Zhao told me that Yang Maorong is responsible for everything that has been done to me.

The above is true. Huang Qi
October 23, 2018

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