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Open Letter of Huang Qi’s Mother to Director of Mianyang Public Security Bureau

October 8, 2018

In her open letter, Pu Wenqing (蒲文清), mother of the detained Sichuan rights activist Huang Qi (黄琦), strongly urges the director of the Mianyang Public Security Bureau to hand over to Huang Qi the complete set of documents related to his blood test, and arrange for monthly  thorough checkup of his kidney function.

In the letter, Pu says that she learned from Huang Qi’s lawyer, who just met with Huang the same day, that Huang’s blood pressure was rising, his condition has worsening, and he has developed uremia from his kidney disease. In August, the doctors outside of the detention center performed blood tests three times but the test results were never given to Huang. After Huang asked for the results multiple times, doctors at the detention center told Huang that the results were being kept by the director of the Mianyang Public Security Bureau. Pu says withholding the medical exam records from Huang prevented him from receiving appropriate and effective treatment—and the director of  the Mianyang Public Security Bureau bears the primary responsibility for the deterioration of Huang’s health.

Detained since November 2016, Huang Qi was indicted in January 2018 on charges of “illegally providing state secrets abroad.” But the authorities have not yet brought him to trial.

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