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From a Group of Women, a Letter for One Woman—Happy Birthday Lawyer Wang Yu!

April 29, 2016

Dear Lawyer Wang Yu:

Hello! After July 9, 2015, when we saw that famous video of you on the Internet, our first feeling was: how were you able to point at the bailiff and reprimand him in court?

We were really hoping the video would cut to where you were pointing, so that we could see exactly what was happening in that direction!

It’s a pity that the only court we’ve ever been to is the administrative court of Tianjin High Court. There, they have six cameras all pointing in different directions around the courtroom. They say this type of set-up leaves no blind spots.

We don’t know how many cameras were set up in the court where you scolded that person, but it’s really odd that the video doesn’t show exactly what happened in the direction you were pointing.

After asking countless people, we found the lawyer’s records from the courtroom; only then did we learn that in the direction you were pointing and scolding, four bailiffs were pinning a woman to the ground. 

This woman was, indeed, a criminal suspect, but as she was being interrogated by the police she had been stripped naked, slapped in the face and given electric shocks to her genitals… As this abused woman stood up to protest the court’s illegal trial proceedings, the bailiffs tripped her, causing her to fall to the ground, where four male bailiffs pinned her body down.

This woman’s 80-year-old mother watched her daughter’s maltreatment from the court gallery, with no way to get near. Lawyer Dong Qianyong was expelled from the courtroom as he tried to protest. And you, pointing to the bailiffs and scolding them for being degenerates and beasts, were thus recorded.  

Those who don’t know any better might think you’re an evil woman howling in the courtroom. But those who know the truth cannot help but feel miserable. Who would have thought this was the cause [for your own detention]? However, if one has already experienced the vulnerability of individual rights being trampled by a formidable public authority, one already knows that the truth will forever be ruthless, evil, and dark.  

If we hadn’t lived through the disappearances of our own loved ones (husbands, brothers, daughters, etc.), we might also believe that story told in the official video. However, since we ourselves have experienced the individual, lawful rights of the weak being trampled on by the authorities, we began to question why the video never cut to show what was happening in the direction you were pointing. 

If today even we—women who care only about our own simple lives—have begun to consider this, then perhaps anyone in China may have long been thinking about this! Out of fear, the official practice is to conceal the truth. There’s nothing hidden that doesn’t get revealed! CCTV can smear your name as much as it wants, but the result is that everyone has long learned to understand the opposite!

The thing I want to say is if we were in the court, we would want to join you in scolding the bailiffs who bullied and insulted women! If, as a result, you were expelled from the courtroom, it would be our honor to be expelled alongside you!

We didn’t know you before, but after the 709 Crackdown, we knew you from the Internet. Afterwards we were excited to discover a group photo: Wang Qiaoling’s husband, lawyer Li Heping; Li Wenzu’s husband, lawyer Wang Quanzhang; Chen Guiqiu’s husband, lawyer Xie Yang; and you, Lawyer Wang Yu. We all let out a gasp: almost everyone in the photo has “been disappeared”!

But how were you “disappeared”? If you truly were disgraced, as shown on CCTV, then why would the government take so long to follow the normal criminal proceedings to deal with you? The more the authorities behave like this, the more we trust in you!

Although none of your family members have come out to defend you and your husband, we will eagerly be your loved ones, and eagerly be Bao Mengmeng’s loved ones. We’ve never met you but we dream of it!

On May 1, we wish you a Happy Birthday!

China’s 709 Incident

  • Lawyer Li Heping’s wife, Wang Qiaoling
  • Lawyer Wang Quanzhang’s wife, Li Wenzu
  • Lawyer Wang Quanzhang’s elder sister, Wang Quanxiu
  • Gou Hongguo’s wife, Fan Lili
  • Zhai Yanmin’s wife, Liu Ermin

Written April 29, 2016